Performing a Full (Hard) Reset on a Samsung Intensity III U485

A full reset is sometimes called a hard reset. Perform a full reset when you want to clear all settings, programs and data from RAM (Random Access Memory).

Caution if you perform a full reset, your Samsung Intensity III U485 returns to its default settings and looses all information that is not recorded in ROM (Read Only Memory) including Contacts, Messages etc..

Note: If you reset your device to the factory defaults with SD card encryption setting enabled, the device will not be able to read your encrypted files. Disable this setting before resetting the device.

Via the settings:

Intensity III Center Select Key
  • While on the Home Screen press the Center Select Key.
  • Select Menu then Settings and Tools then Phone Settings
  • From here select Security.
  • When prompted enter the Phone Only Lock Code. The default lock code is the last four digits of your phone number.

''Note: To set a different code navigate to Phone Settings then Security then Edit Codes.

  • By using the Directional Keys, select Reset Settings then confirm by using the Center Select Key.
  • When prompted highlight Yes and press the Center Select Key to restore the default settings.


  • On the keypad enter *2767*3855#

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Page last modified on January 17, 2013, at 11:12 AM