Performing a Normal (Soft) Reset on a SPV M2500

A normal reset is sometimes referred to as a soft reset. A normal reset stops all running applications but does not erase any programs or saved data.

Caution be sure to save any unsaved data before performing a normal reset since a normal reset erases all unsaved data.

  • Locate the reset button hole on the SPV M2500 unit.
  • Use the stylus tip to lightly press the reset button. The pocket PC will restart and display the Today screen.

Performing a Hard Reset on a SPV M2500

A full reset is sometimes referred to as a hard reset. Perform a full reset when you want to clear all settings, programs and data from RAM.

Caution if you perform a full reset, your SPV pocket PC returns to its default settings and looses all information that is not recorded in ROM.

  • Take the HTC Alpine and use the stylus to press the reset button then press and hold the Power Button in.
  • The smart phone will now reset with factory settings.

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