Performing a Hard Reset on a O2 Xphone II

A full reset is sometimes referred to as a hard reset. Perform a full reset when you want to clear all settings, programs and data from RAM.

Caution if you perform a full reset, your HTC pocket PC returns to its default settings and looses all information that is not recorded in ROM.

  • Click Start > More > More > Accessories > Clear Storage accessed through the touch screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the phone. The phone will restart after it has been reset.

To hard reset with keys:

  • Turn off your phone or take out battery and reinsert it.
  • Press and hold both the soft keys, then press POWER ON for one second.
  • Release POWER ON button, but keep pressing both soft keys.
  • When you see the hard reset message, release soft keys and press "0" to hard reset the phone.

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Page last modified on February 02, 2011, at 02:46 PM