Mio A701 Digiwalker
Mio A701

Mio Technology Ltd, a subsidiary of Mitac International Corporation is a Taiwanese electronics maker that manufactures and markets Pocket PCs, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), smartphones and Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs). It sells products under the "Mio DigiWalker" brand.

Mio Technology currently has operations in Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, US and Europe. Mio Technology is among the world's top three personal navigation device vendors, which also includes TomTom International BV and Garmin Ltd.

You will need to know the exact model or series of Mio PDA that you have, as the reset technique is different for many of the Mio units. If you are unable to locate the model information it can normally be found inside the battery compartment.

Once you have this information, just select your unit from the Mio PDA and Smartphone Model list, and follow the reset instructions exactly.

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