(:title Mio MOOV 330 Hard Reset:) !! Performing a Hard (Full) Reset on a Mio MOOV 330 A full reset is sometimes referred to as a hard reset. Perform a full reset when you want to clear all settings, programs and data from RAM. A full reset deactivates the battery the power button does not function until the battery is reactivated. '''Caution if you perform a full reset, your Mio pocket PC returns to its default settings and looses all information that is not recorded in ROM.''' To perform a hard (factory) reset: * Slide the power switch to the RESET position. * Then slide the power switch to the ON position to turn on your Mio. (:table style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; font-style:italic; border:1px solid black; background-color:#DCDCDC":) (:cellnr:) %center%[[http://www.ipaqrepair.co.uk/store.php?cat_id=291&catname=Mio+Repair+%26+Parts | %color=#4AC970%'''Problems With Your Mio?'''%%]] %color=#000000%'-We are Mio Repair Specialists, dedicated to Mio repairs and Mio parts supply for all Mio models-'%% %center%[[http://www.ipaqrepair.co.uk/store.php?cat_id=291&catname=Mio+Repair+%26+Parts | %color=#4AC970%'''Visit Us Mio Repairs and Mio Parts'''%%]] (:tableend:)