Performing a Normal (Soft) Reset on a LG GM750

A normal reset is sometimes referred to as a soft reset. A normal reset stops all running applications but does not erase any programs or saved data.

Caution be sure to save any unsaved data before performing a normal reset since a normal reset erases all unsaved data.

To perform a soft reset:

  1. Find the Soft reset key.
  2. Use the stylus to press the reset key and hold it for a while. Your device may automatically restart and display the Home Screen.
LG GM750 Reset Button Location

Performing a Hard Reset on a LG GM750

A full reset is sometimes referred to as a hard reset. Perform a full reset when you want to clear all settings, programs and data from RAM.

Caution if you perform a full reset, your LG GM750 Smartphone returns to its default settings and looses all information that is not recorded in ROM.

To perform a factory (hard) reset:

  1. Power the device ON.
  2. Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Clear Storage.
  3. Enter 1234 for the password twice. Press Enter.
  4. Select whether to delete the Internal Memory or the External Memory (SD card) to reset.

You can also change the password by pressing Change Password.

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